Seriously passionate about IT


This team is seriously passionate about IT

Incata is a privately held company located in Poland that is driven by a willingness to solve complex IT problems. The company has had the present legal form since 2009, however, the experience of the its founders dates back to 1990s.


Mission and skill set

Incata’s mission is to go extra mile to find such solutions to clients’ problems that they will find intuitive, easy to control, and which will help them to achieve competitive advantage.

We might be associated with a software house, but the truth is that we offer much more since we also provide consulting services that prove our business competences. In more details, our key competencies include SAP ERP, SAP HANA, System Integration, Mobile and Web Solutions, BI and IoT.



We have been cooperating with the largest companies in Europe as well as with various SMEs, which has provided us with a unique range of substantive experience. Besides that, we work on developing our own projects.

Extensions and Applications

Implementation, licensing, maintenance

Integration of systems and technologies

Customised software