Integration solutions for business of all sizes

Integration of systems and technologies

Integration solutions are key mechanisms in almost every company, regardless of their size. They enable an enterprise to extend its ERP systems, online stores, CRM applications, industrial automation and many other critical components that support the business.

Without integration, business processes cannot be productively and efficiently implemented either in small enterprises or structurally complex organisations. Integration includes not only processes carried out within the company, but also provides an effective flow of information with customers, suppliers and government institutions.

ERP systems

We specialise in the design and implementation of integration solutions using a variety of technologies and environments. Our key advantage here is our know-how and experience regarding ERP systems.

We offer integration products designed for small and medium-sized enterprises such as the Comarch Optima ERP system as well as for large corporations, primarily SAP ERP.

A properly designed and implemented integration with the participation of the ERP system guarantees savings in terms of time and financial outlay. It also ensures the safety and reliability of end-to-end data exchange processes.

E-commerce and M-commerce

An online shop requires the harmonisation of various external mechanisms and systems. The processes involved in updating the product range, inventory control, logistics, invoicing and customer service are just some of the examples where integration can be make or break.

We have the know-how and experience in the integration of small SaaS sales platforms as well as in enterprise-class products such as Magento. Our projects have involved cooperation with SAP ERP as well as third-party systems for both corporate clients and SMEs.

Among our completed integration projects, the following stand out:

The design and implementation of network integration for automated fuel terminals with SAP in sales, transaction authorisation and risk management for one of the largest fuel companies in Europe.

Implementation of SAP ERP integration with external logistics, production and sales systems, supporting the sales and distribution processes as well as industrial automation for several companies listed on the WIG20.

Integration of online shops and B2B platforms based on Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and tailor-made solutions with ERP systems, logistics operators and inventory software.