Healthy lifestyle and sustainable mobility among children - from a local to a national project

Gdańsk City Hall Rowerowymaj.eu

Rowerowymaj.eu began in 2014 as a local project in Gdańsk. The main goal was to engage children and teenagers to ride a bike on their way to and from school. The project was quickly transformed from the local Tri-City to a nationwide one, meaning that there was a need for an IT tool that would allow project and campaign management. From 500 educational institutions in 2018 to 1130 in 2022, all registered for the program.


10 mln

registered activities from 2018


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from 2018


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registered in 2022

Real Time

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From 2018 a dedicated web-based system for managing campaigns, registering participants and creating real-time statistics and reports was introduced. Teachers have direct access to the platform and record the activities of children who have come to school by bike or scooter.


Our role was to design and build the entire platform.
Many functional and technical aspects required in-depth workshops and mock-ups.


We have developed a comprehensive UX, UI and campaign management system. The system was built very quickly in 2017 in order to be able to handle the campaign and registration of participants from the beginning of 2018. The platform comprises an information portal available to the public based on the popular CMS platform. We publish statistics calculated on an ongoing basis. For this, there is an entire custom made back-office portal with options for planning, managing and accounting for the campaign. Access support for teachers, SMS authorizations, award planning and many other solutions facilitating the work of the team from the Gdańsk City Hall.

Since the start in 2018, over 10 million journeys have been registered in the system, with nearly 600,000 active participants.

The many years of partnership with Gdańsk City Hall has allowed us to gain further valuable experience in working with public institutions. Restrictive contract terms and low budget flexibility were compensated by the excellent openness and favour shown by the project team.

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