E-commerce & RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA), integration and expansion of e-commerce platforms

Robotic Process Automation supported by AI

The latest game-changing trend is using specialized robotic process automation solutions to automate work.

The first driver of robotic process automation is the employee group, who wish to focus on the intellectual activity instead of a manual working routine.

The second is automatically gathering data from SAP and non-SAP systems for any reports and business routines.

The third is ensuring higher quality for any QA managers.

RPA solutions

We offer a wide range of RPA solutions based on SAP and non-SAP platforms.

RPA is now a standard functionality in SAP Process Automation, automating repetitive manual tasks, integrating applications on the user interface level, and scale on demand.

For non-SAP systems we offer software robots based on the UIPath platform or on our in-house custom-made solution. Testing software, end-to-end automation, standard processes in the finance modules are the main areas of using RPA.


Support for robotization thanks to the built-in functions of artificial intelligence allows even faster processing of documents and supporting decisions made without the participation of data analysts.

Experience the ease and speed of low-code or no-code workflow management and robotic process automation (RPA) with Incata.

A digital approach to commerce in the future

Companies struggle to implement efficient e-commerce platforms that support a frictionless buying experience. 

Success requires delivering a holistic view of the customer engagement.

We help clients integrate and develop digital channels

  • We integrate customer-oriented applications and touchpoints to build a scalable, efficient e-commerce platform and to attract and retain customers. The development of DAM and PIM systems as well as multi-channel online sales require constant development.
  • We can improve your customer service to set you apart from the competition and to provide an even better online shopping experience.
  • For your back office, we provide solutions integrated with billing and logistical systems, as well as central government systems (e.g., KseF, JPK, VAT white book).


Do you need a mobile application or a website, or maybe both at the same time?

Regardless of your project, our specialists help you to choose the appropriate technology – PWA, AMP, RWD or mobile, and then build a tailored application for you.

Dedicated websites, intranet portals based on low-code platforms or key business applications. In addition to programmers and analysts, we have our own team of UX and graphic designers responsible for a good and functional UI.

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