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Low-code platform
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Using our experience, we have developed effective methodologies, while to automate business processes we use a low-code platform that enables effective, future-proof handling of all business processes – both essential and supporting. We know that many we can improve processes without the need to create new software, while significantly optimizing costs and implementation time.

Business Process Management

We provide applications created to meet the specific requirements of customers from various industries, based on the proven low-code platforms of the BPM (Business Process Management) class.

We build business applications that do not require or only require minimal coding. We digitize, standardize and automate the key processes based on ready-made components and an ideal collaboration environment. This saves you a lot of time and money. Every change is possible within a minute and could be done by the users themselves.

Flexibility WEBCON BPS platform

Thanks to the very high flexibility of the WEBCON BPM platform, we can implement many processes within a few weeks of making the decision. In the case of any modification to the process, we can introduce changes very quickly without losing data. We deliver and develop applications, even when the business assumptions are uncertain or are subject to constant change.

Most importantly: the implemented solutions remain the property of the client, who can further modify or develop their applications on the basis of proven technologies and standards.

Digital transformation is here, and automating business processes has never been easier.

Automation of business processes for every industry

The WEBCON BPS platform allows you to streamline any process – from support to key, and even specific to a company or industry. Especially when the market simply lacks ready-made, non-standard solutions.

Electronic workflow and process management without coding

We know that IT departments today have a lot of work, so we help them and business divisions by building applications and document workflows that meet the demand, minimize IT participation, and at the same time provide proven, safe and predictable tools.

As a result, the management board can effectively implement the strategy and best practices, while business users benefit from a single digital work environment with easy access to tasks and information.

A comprehensive platform for automating business processes

Effective process management

We measurably improve the work of our clients:

  • coordinating the flow of information – so now we know who is working on what.
  • supporting compliance with procedures and providing information on the progress of individual tasks.
  • optimizing and automating administrative activities – once the data is available to the authorized people.
  • integrating the exchange of master and result data with ERP systems, including SAP ERP, SAP S4/HANA and SAP Business One.
  • providing current, reliable data on processes, including on the company’s condition.
  • providing people authorized to conduct analyses with access to information on the number and effectiveness of the tasks performed by subordinates, thus helping to detect places in the organization that require improvement or further optimization.
  • providing data to make any key decisions and improving the functioning of the business, remembering that the organization is as strong as its weakest link.

The Total Economic Impact™ of the WEBCON BPS study, conducted by Forrester Consulting, showed that after implementing the platform, companies could expect a 113% return on investment within three years, and accelerate their business processes by up to 87%, thus saving over 600 000$

The most important business benefits
indicated in the Forrester report

Processes that were once carried out manually and with the help of paper documents have been automated and transformed into a digital form. Combined with the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), internal processes have been accelerated by 87%. Employees can spend the time saved in carrying out more ambitious tasks.

WEBCON BPS enables any organization to quickly prototype new solutions and test them in practice, significantly reducing the time needed to introduce new products and services to the market.

Comprehensive external processes are largely related to customer service, which is why their acceleration was extremely important for companies. Thanks to WEBCON BPS, enterprises quickly began to create new applications to expand and optimize what they offer. For example: by automating the process of issuing credit decisions, they managed to reduce as many as 4 of the FTEs so far needed to support this process.

WEBCON BPS has allowed IT and business to work together in a previously impossible way. Today, IT experts and business users are able to create solutions jointly and iteratively, design the perfect workflow, quickly and easily implementing the modifications suggested by the business, improving communication, and making sure that the process works as expected.

Automating uncomplicated (supporting) processes, such as the purchase of office supplies or IT equipment, has allowed to accelerate them by as much as 67%.

A detailed audit trail is available for each process. Greater transparency means easier process management and more effective optimization – you can easily check which parts of the process work well and which need improvements or changes. This helps management boards in updating their development strategy and correcting the adopted course.

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