Unlocking SAP ERP for IoT and fleet management for the biggest Polish bus company, MZA

A municipal bus company in Warsaw

MZA in Warsaw is the largest city carrier in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe. The MZA fleet includes nearly 1,500 buses, serving 187 lines and carrying around half a billion passengers each year in Warsaw and the many nearby towns that together form the capital.

The Incata.it team, as a partner of the general contractor, implemented the SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) system at MZA, a module supporting the maintenance and management of the machine park, tool room and the company’s infrastructure. SAP PM is also responsible for repair management – it provides information on the maintenance of individual bus parts.




>500 mln

passengers every year


buses operating on almost 200 bus lines


reduction in breakdowns and 25% less maintenance costs

Maintenance planning

How do you know when the gasket needs to be replaced in 500 hours? This is possible thanks to the data from sensors and meters installed in the vehicles, which are wirelessly transmitted to SAP PM and enable the system to plan repairs in a detailed manner.

Measurable benefits

The project shows the measurable benefits of having an integrated enterprise management system that enables the flow and real-time use of information from various areas of the organization: warehouse, purchasing, maintenance, infrastructure and human resources.


Additionally, SAP PM checks if there are suitable parts in the warehouse and, if not, they can be ordered in advance from suppliers, so that they are already in place on the day designated for the repair. The system also allows you to plan the load and availability of the infrastructure in depots and using the data from SAP HR to verify whether the mechanics will be available on a given day.

Mass and widespread use of IoT devices in the form of sensors and counters allows the system to be supplied with the necessary data, automatically and precisely. As a result, many routine processes, such as the creation and planning of repair orders, can be carried out automatically, without the involvement of the company’s employees.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is an indispensable element in modern systems that care for the maintenance of traffic continuity, infrastructure and renovation management. Predictive maintenance deals with analysing the readings of the parameters of equipment in order to identify anomalies in their operation. This makes it possible to recognize the probability of a failure occurring before it occurs. This is essential to maintain business continuity and prevent excessive repair and downtime costs.

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