Application factory for business processes and workflows in Amber Expo/MTG

The way to change

The company has so far used electronic assignment of incoming documents to a rather limited extent. The platform did not allow dynamic form building, setting paths or even decision steps. The time of crisis and downtime in the exhibition industry led to new challenges that improved and streamlined the internal processes. It was decided to implement support for secretarial processes and documents coming into the company, service the request and decision cards, assign the cost invoices with integration into the ERP system, service contracts with contractors and other basic CRM functionalities.


10 x

faster request approval

>3 000

invoices processed in the first 6 months​

Real time

budget consumption report

7 apps

for core business processes in less than 6 months

The low-code
Webcon BPS

We chose the low-code Webcon BPS platform, allowing us to model all the required processes and efficiently implement it in a short time.

We saw 7 applications for 12 processes, several workshops, arrangements and many other improvements in the organization in such a short time. The analysis and implementation specification were ready within two weeks. Thanks to the real possibility of continuous improvement, using InstantChange technology, it is possible to shorten the time needed to create the necessary applications. The platform allows you to efficiently shorten the implementation time and very quickly introduce changes, corrections and process optimizations.

Within a few months, it was possible to build an environment for handling processes that significantly supported the company’s operations.

The annual budget plan was broken down into several thousand budget items as the basis for the demand processes, decision cards and cost invoices.

Application factory

The Webcon BPS platform is a real game changer
in terms of creating the necessary applications
to support business processes.
The Webcon BPS platform is a real game changer in terms of creating the necessary applications to support business processes.

Organizing many tasks

Some tasks have always been performed manually and required information gathered from many stakeholders. In addition, errors or delays sometimes occurred, meaning all the work had to be redone.

During the workshop, we had the opportunity to present the logic-first approach, then the activity approach. This type of application design allowed us to organize many tasks as well as determine what steps are actually needed. The logic behind the process is very simple. From the start and then through all the individual steps to the final decision. It was only during the individual steps that we could see what was important to who, to do what and why.

Increasing value for owners

Thanks to the implementation of a process support platform, employees can gain more time to handle tasks that are more important than document processing. Employees can search for new contacts, conduct negotiations and execute contracts, increasing their efficiency and quality of work. In addition, a lot of data can now be shared and made easier to report. New metrics will emerge to keep you looking for improvements in your company’s internal flows and processes.

The attitude of the client and the management system is aimed at the continuous development of the company, increasing the value for the owners and following modern solutions that are also a good driving force for us.

Creating value for our customers is our primary goal. In this project, we used our experience in the areas of business management, process analysis and building dedicated applications, both based on low-code platforms, as well as creating integration and dedicated programming extensions.

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