Optimizing processes with SAP Business One in Chipolbrok


Chipolbrok is the oldest Chinese deep-sea owner and the first enterprise with foreign capital in the history of the People’s Republic of China. It is for this joint venture between the Polish and Chinese governments that we have created a proprietary and unique IT solution based on the SAP Business One for HANA.

The maritime industry may seem hermetic and very conservative to many outside observers. The processes related to the sale of freight or the operation of ships seem to be optimal and well-established in the business reality of a company. Often, these processes are supported by distributed, non-communicated systems that were designed in the last century.



years in the maritime business




fleet capacity

Real time

data and calculations


At Chipolbrok’s request, we conducted a series of workshops with the company’s employees, which allowed a thorough AS-IS analysis of the processes and IT systems (including SAP ERP and proprietary solutions). The result of this was the creation of the TO-BE Business Concept, which redefined the IT architecture, created the scope of requirements for a new IT system (implementing core business processes) and defined the flow of information between IT and the existing auxiliary systems.

A new system

The new system has been designed to implement business processes directly related to the sale of freight services and ship charters. The complicated system of settlements of the shipowner with all its commercial partners (clients, agents, intermediaries, etc.), commission handling, documentation, invoicing and reporting required us to create a complex industry solution based on the SAP Business One for HANA system.

Operation managment

Additionally, for the needs of operation management, we have created a module that collects various parameters from sensors installed on the ships. One of these parameters is fuel consumption, which is used for automated warehouse management. SAP Business One handles the entire process related to the purchase of fuel (demand, inquiry, acceptance on board) up to its cost during the voyage and condition monitoring in each tank.

Extend the reliability

In the course of the analysis, a decision was made to keep the existing financial and accounting system based on SAP ERP 4.7, which is not supported by the manufacturer. We have ported it to a new hardware platform from IBM that virtualizes the older version of the AIX operating system. This avoided the purchase of new licenses, implementation and training costs, which contributed to significant savings within the project budget.

The above operation and the implementation of interfaces connecting SAP ERP with SAP Business One allowed us to not only extend the reliability of the old system, but also to extend its capabilities through access to the modern SAP HANA analytical platform.

Collecting information from multiple sources as part of a single, efficient SAP HANA database platform allows real-time analyses to be carried out, such as to test the profitability of individual routes or contracts, and to conduct management reporting.

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